Thursday, October 4, 2007

HW 16b: What makes blogging "hot"

In the interview with Robert Scoble he was asked a question about how "RSS" will help the evolution of blogging. The term "RSS" is a new term for me, but it means "really simple syndication". The way that Scoble speaks about these ideas shows how important he thinks they really are. The five pillars he discusses is what he thinks makes blogging "hot". The first of the 5 pillars of conversational software was "the ease of publishing". I feel as though Scoble was talking about how easy it is to publish a post and put your ideas and writings out there in the blogosphere. The second was "discoverability". By discoverability, I think he means that once your ideas and different information are posted they are very easily accessed and able to be discovered by others. The third idea Scoble talks about is "cross-site conversations". I think this helps make blogging "hot" by being able to go back to a person's page that was interested in your page. You may then discover another interesting blog or you are able to to know whose keeping track of yours. The fourth thing mentioned in the interview was "permalinking". This was another new term for me that I had never heard before. This allows you to get to another post very quickly and efficiently by isolating the URL. Last but not least, Scoble talks about something called syndication. He mentions how it has become more and more popular recently because people keep track of many different sites daily. I get the idea that this allows you to flip back and forth between the blogs that you are keeping track of very easily. These 5 pillars certainly are very important if you are a dedicated blogger.

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