Thursday, September 27, 2007

HW 13 : Blogging is Beneficial for Business

Blogging has turned into a universal trend. People write about their everyday lives, tell stories or criticize companies. In my opinion blogging has turned into a huge advantage for different companies. They can get their consumers' feedback on certain products or even establish their own blog and make their products noticed. I used to think that blogging was more like an online diary, but recently I've come to notice that it can also be used to help companies become more successful.

" Think of the implications for businesses of getting and up-to-the-minute read on what the world is thinking. Already, studios are using blogs to see which movies are generating buzz. Advertisers are tracking responses to their campaigns." "I'm amazed that people don't get it yet," says Jeff Weiner, Yahoo's senior vice president who heads up a search. "Never in the history of market research has there been a tool like this." (Kline&Burstein 229)

This quote shows how companies are able to look up reactions to different products, or like the example used here in this quote, movies. Companies can see what is going on in their consumers' minds. This is extremely helpful to them. They can use the criticism to make their products better or at least take it into consideration. Blogging has definitely become more helpful to businesses rather than individuals who use it for social expression.

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