Thursday, September 20, 2007

HW. 9 An interview with Ayelet Waldman

In the interview "A weblog saved my life last night", Waldman takes about the effects that her blog has had for her. Clearly the blog has had a huge impact on her life. You can tell just from reading the title. The entire interview talked about her life as a writer and as a mom and her psychological disorder. She starts talking about how in the blogosphere people have to be able to make their writing "pop". She says, "There is a tone that you have to adopt in order to make your voice heard amidst the general cacophony." (Kline 310) I completely agree with this statement because people who write blogs will not get any comments or feedback if they don't have this tone that she is talking about. Blogging does recquire you to have the ability to pull a reader in by using the right language.
At the end of the article Waldman was asked about her children and what she thought it would be like for htem to read her suicide note from the blog that she left. Waldman responded by saying, "They're subject of my column, too, but this is something and this is something that people give me a lot of grief about. But its what I do." (Kline 314) I think that Waldman is mistaken because she overlooks the fact that her children could be deeply effected by them being a subject of her writing. If they had found the suicide note that could have effected them for life.

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