Monday, September 17, 2007

HW: 7 Freedom from parents

Many children have found comfort in being able to write about their lives online. I think this is raelly good for them to have privacy from their parents. All kids have some things that they don't tell their parents because they don't feel comfortable. This allows them to open up to other people and have confidence that their parents can't just stumble across it in their room as if it were their diary or personal journal. All teenagers need a way to vent about things that they don't feel is apprpriate in school or to talk about with their parents. Parents may be disturbed if they ever saw some of the blogs or online journals, but kids need to have privacy and make their own mistakes while growing up. In Emily Nussbaum's article, "My So-Called Blog" she helps show how strongly kids feel about keeping blogs:
J. has his Blurty journal for about a year. He called it "better than therapy," a way to
get out his true feelings- all the emotions he thought might get him in trouble if he
expressed them in school or at home. (Kline and Burstein 352)
Most parents wouldn't like to hear about the things their kids do behind their backs or what they write about on their blogs. But this type of communication is clearly helpful and meaningful to kids.


gblanchard said...

I agree with what you said about kids needing a place to "vent" without their parents being able to come across it in their room. But couldn't a parent just as easily come across it online??

Tracy Mendham said...

Nicely done, you've taken a position, and incorporated a quote with a good introduction and a following comment. Try using the quote button in Blogger to create block quotes.

Kate's Blog said...

I agree with Annie's argument against kids and having online privacy. I also believe that blogs and online jounals allow kids to vent, which is something that they definitely need to do. Also, I think that kids deserve some kind of privacy from their parents. All teenagers go through things that they don't want their parents to find out about and everybody needs their privacy. Annie's quote was also a good example about how helpful blogging can actually before kids. It allows them to express themselves in a safe way.