Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I looked at all of the items in my room and found pringles. I realized that the old slogan for pringles is "once you pop the fun don't stop". This saying is very satisfying. My roommate and I have about 10 cans of pringles and each and everyone lead us to fun. The flavor is fantastic which makes us very satisfied. When I went on the site for pringles the background was the map of the world in red and yellow, which is the pringles signature color. It had a list of all of the countries that pringles was sold in so I clicked on the U.S. This brought me to a page that said, "pleasure every single pringle". This catch phrase used ryhme to oull customers in. In my experience the company has stayed strong to all of their slogans because prigles are fun. And none the less, but pringles are the best chips I've tasted. Not only does the U.S page have a good slogan, but the opening page does too. The little man that represents pringles eats them and the crisp of pringles is shown. I have noticed that pringles are a very crispy chip and in every bite a customer cannot resist more. The pringles company does satisfy everything that they promise they would.

(this has a new date because I originally posted it in the wrong blog.)


Tracy Mendham said...

Good, this meets the foremost requirements of the assignment for HW 5. Good job adding the dated footnote at the bottom for the correction. Don't forget to give the post a title, to spell-check, and put proper nouns in capital letters (e.g. Pringles, not pringles).

Tracy Mendham said...

Correction to the above, it's HW 4, Option 2, not HW 5.