Monday, September 24, 2007

HW: 11 "Making global voices heard"

The blog I chose to view was Jeff Ooi's blog. His blog is called screeenshots. The style of writing is directly towards people in Malaysia. He uses the same grammar as we would use in the United States also. Jeff's topics are about all different kinds of things going on in Malaysia. It is there way of communicated different news stories about their country. I noticed one of the blogs was written by a guest blogger, so he is not the only one that reports different stories on his blog.

MacKinnon describes Jeff's blog as being very critical of the government and using his blog as a way to speak out and inform other bloggers of news thats going around so they can get the word out. From what I can see, his blog fits this exact description. His latest blog is about dispelling a rumor that had be running through Malaysia about a man's death. He sent out a blog on behalf of this man and his daughter so the rumors would stop spreading.
On the one hand I agree with Jeff that is it always good to inform your country of what is going on if the government isn't giving them much. But on the other hand I insist that it sounds kind of like a gossip column at some points.

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