Thursday, October 11, 2007

HW 19:

Blogs across the nation have becoming increasingly popular. The popularity has even emerged in places where speaking out about politics is looked down upon in society. On page 93 in Kline and Burstein, Dreznel and Farrell discuss the impact of the blogosphere in Iran. Surprisingly, Farsi is the fourth most popular language used in the blogosphere. The Iranian government is not a big fan of blogging. Well that's what I take from the text. In the paragraph on page 93 he says, "Government efforts to impose filters on the internet have been sporadic and only partially successful." The blogging in Iran is a way for people to talk about politics freely and since the government hasn't been able to monitor it very well, they are able to continue doing it. My point is that blogging is very beneficial for people in Iran. Blogging has had a huge impact on certain peoples' lives there too. One woman they mention is Sina Motallebi. Her being able to blog about her imprisonment gave a few people in the English-speaking blogosphere awareness to help her get out. This, for instance, demonstrates the power blogging can have in Iran or anywhere. Especially in a country where you wouldn't think blogging would become popular, it has. I think that's awesome that it has had such a promising way for people to communicate to others.

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