Thursday, October 4, 2007

HW 17 : Are they really faking it?

I searched through the past seven days of Jezebel and I found and article that was a little risque, but very interesting. The new focus in the world these days always has to do with sex, money or celebrities. This article in Jezebel,, discusses sex and if women are really able to orgasm or not. One of the quotes in this article that helps summarize it very well is:
"In bed some of them curse, some of them try really hard to remember to say the name of their partners, others use that time to acknowledge the existence of a deity, and some of us scream out of habit from years spent faking it."

This quote explains how women have discovered a habit of faking orgasms when in bed. They go on to discuss that men expect a lot from women. They expect women to understand and like sports, be able to talk without being annoying and of course be good in bed. This to me is very unfair to women. How are they expected to always be good at all three of these things? I think that this blog was written from a feminists point of view due to the fact that it discusses different views on making fun of men. The purpose of this post was definitely to show that most orgasms are faked and to inform men of it.

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