Monday, October 22, 2007

hw23: Jezebel/gossip girl

"With apologies to Virgina Woolf"

After looking through the posts on the site , I have come to the realization that it is mostly about women and different gossip from a feminist's point of view. I would have to say that I enjoyed reading the posts from the past weeks thoroughly. It gives such vivid and descriptive titles that help me picture the people in real life. For instance, the title of the blog "Paris Hilton Dresses Like a 3rd Grade Art Teacher" painted an image in my mind of a young women wearing an array of brightly colored clothing. And sure enough there was a photo of her in this very brightly colored dress that actually did look like a 3rd grade art teacher. Jezebel also allows women to speak freely and openly to the public in ways women were never able to do. It is fairly evident that even in the nineteenth century a woman was not encouraged to be an artist, but now they are encouraged and allowed to write and publish their own individual writings and thoughts more than ever before. Women on the Jezebel site are able to write about gossip, politics, scandals in the media and not be shunned for these things that they would have been snubbed or slapped for during the nineteenth century. All of the posts I read were written by woman. This is so uplifting for me to experience being able to see the equality between femininity and masculinity in this time period.

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