Wednesday, October 24, 2007

HW 24: My special place

Virgina Woolf has a lot of opinions about the equality about men an women authors. She felt as though women weren't equally recognized or treated as novelists. She says "I had come at last, in the course of this rambling, to the shelves which hold books by the living; by women and by men; for there are almost as many books written by women now as by men." (Woolf, 79) This shows the change that occurred in history.

"There must be freedom and there must be peace. Not a wheel must grate,not a light glimmer. The curtains must be close drawn." (Woolf, 104)

This quote in the book applies to me in the complete opposite way. I do have a room that I can call my own. My dorm room is not just my room but I share it with my best friend. It's like she is the same person as me. When I need time to do my work she will do work with me. I always need my overhead light on above my desk because that is where I do most of my writing and reading. It helps me write and focus much easier when I have music on and luckily my roommate is the same way. My room is very colorful with teal, lime green and light blue colored sheets and designs all over the room. Everything in my room is very organized and not messy because that will distract me from writing and doing other work. When my roommate is in class and I have alone time, I will do miscellaneous things. For instance I will write letters to my other friends and do things that I need my own private time for. My room has a very warm, homier feeling to it with pictures of all of my friends everywhere. I feel as though I am using my room for what Virginia Woolf would use it for. I think having a space for myself to do my writing and thinking is exactly what she would want.

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