Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hw: 30 Citizenship Symposium

I went to the Citizenship symposium on Tuesday, November 6th, at noon time. At this session Provost Emile Netzhammer introduced the idea of the symposium and talked a little bit about citizenship. Following the Provost was Mayor Micheal Blastos who lead into Nancy Tobi's speech. The name of her topic was "What kind of democracy do we want?". She discussed the different types of democracy in our world and who started them. She began by talking about Moses and how he lead his people in democracy. I thought this was the most interesting point because she went very far back in time to show how long democracy has been around and how it has benefited us since then. Tobi talked about different ways of holding elections in the United States. She seemed unbelievable passionate about democracy. The way she was speaking showed that she was very enthused about her topic. Her body language and tone of voice showed how much she really wanted all of the audience to listen and take her side.
"The vote is a personal expression to our nation and communities." This quote that Tobi said was contributed to the main idea of her speech because she focused on how important voting in a deomcracy was.

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